This Level 2 Award in Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-Cutting course will enable you to prove your competence in forestry and/or arboriculture operations and evidence your ability to meet licence to practice standards. These qualifications are requirements for Professional Users to operate chainsaws in the UK.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Gain knowledge and understanding across a range of forestry and arboriculture functions and activities
  • Be able to work effectively in a forestry and arboriculture environment, both independently and as part of a team
  • Be able to review and develop your own practices, and carry out a range of practical forestry and arboriculture tasks, to the required industry standard
  • Improve your awareness of health and safety legislation and how individuals can contribute to the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) agenda
  • Obtain occupational competence and/or licence to practice
  • Meet the licence-to-practise or other legal requirements made by the relevant sector, profession or industry.

The finer details

This course will enable you to prove your expertise in a vital area of forestry and arboricultural work.

It will also provide firm evidence of your ability to meet licence-to-practise standards.

Quality Assurance policies are in place to ensure that all assessments meet the independent assessment requirements for this sector.

You could be starting a new role. Or you might already be using your chainsaw skills across a range of relevant operations.

Whatever your professional circumstances, our course will boost your confidence and help you meet the current standards of good working practice.

To achieve this qualification, you'll need to have completed two mandatory units:

  • Carry out maintenance of chainsaw and cutting system
  • Cross-cut timber using a chainsaw.

Worth noting: Our course involves some physical sessions, so it's essential that you have at least a minimum level of fitness.