By the end of the course, you'll be able to:

  • Complete basic environmental checks prior to work operations
  • Identify the necessary personal protective equipment required, report on its condition and locate standard markings
  • Identify the health and safety features required on a pruning saw
  • Identify faults and defects on a pruning saw and cutting equipment and decide which the operator can remedy and which require a service engineer’s attention
  • Carry out correctly all routine maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction book and/or the Lantra Awards workbook
  • Prepare the pruning saw for use with the correct fuel/oil mix and chain lubrication
  • Start the pruning saw for use with the correct fuel/oil mix and saw chain lubrication
  • Carry out pre-cutting safety tests and state the procedures if the pruning saw fails these tests
  • State the possible hazards/risks when carrying out maintenance or operational tasks and complete a risk assessment
  • Assess and explain the terms ‘tension’ and ‘compression’ in timber
  • Adopt safe procedures to remove a trapped guide bar
  • Use correct pruning methods
  • Clear the pruned branches in a safe manner
  • Organise site safety and state the procedures required.

The finer details

This is an integrated training and assessment course.

You'll receive a certificate upon successful completion.

You'll learn health and safety requirements and how to maintain the machine.

Pre-cutting tests will be explained before you move on to practical work.

Course sessions:

  • HSE legislation and safety guidelines
  • Safety features of a powered pole pruner
  • Maintaining the powered pole pruner chain
  • Maintaining the guide bar
  • Engine maintenance
  • Starting the pruning saw and pre-cut checks
  • Clear and tidy working area and pruning saw checks.

Worth Noting: There is a physical element to this course. As a result, a minimum level of fitness is an essential requirement.